7 Takmičenja za mlade u regionu i svijetu ( I dio )

Dragi svi,

Ako vam je želja da okušate svoje znanje, trud i talenat sa vršnjacima iz regiona i svijeta, zaista ste na pravom mjestu da dođete do tih prilika

Na nedjeljnoj bazi ćemo objavljivati najnovija dešavanja u vezi sa različitim oblicima Takmičenja u regionu i svijetu na kojima mogu da apliciraju studenti i mladi iz Crne Gore i regiona.  Za sve dodatne informacije, naš tim stoji na raspolaganju kontaktom na mejl info@ekonomist.me, na FB stranici Ekonomist ili na Twitter nalogu Ekonomist .

  • ESSAY COMPETITION: Countering Violent Extremism among Young People on the Balkans

    Description of Ideal Candidate:

    Undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Western Balkans (Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro) and Turkey, currently enrolled in university, that are engaged in the processes of studying, examination, research, policy making, discussion and education on the topics related to our project and possesing thorough knowledge on the subject matter.

    Tri najbolje publikacije dobiće novčane nagrade.

  • 2017 “RISING START UP SPAIN” program


    The maximum level of assistance is 10,000 euros per beneficiary. To receive this assistance, the Startup must incur minimum costs of 20,000 euros between the time at which the assistance is awarded and the end of the 6 month incubation period. These costs must include at least two of the following: Costs of constituting the Startup in Spain and feasibility studies. Purchase and hire of technology and industrial equipment, instruments and/or material, Staff costs. Acquisition and registration of licenses, patents and trademarks. Technological consulting. Promotional expenses. Travel of company staff related to the company`s activity to attend events, courses and visits to customers and investors.   

    Description of Ideal Candidate:

    To take part in the program, foreign Startups established in Spain must meet the following requirements:
    1. At least 10% of the start up's capital must belong to a foreign natural person or legal entity, or a Spanish non-resident provided that he/she is a natural person.
    2. The Startup must be formed or in the process of being formed when the assistance is granted. If the company has already been formed in Spain, it must be less than one year old.

    Deadline: 31. July


  • Call for Proposals for New Logo Design for the Central European Initiative


    The Central European Initiative (CEI), founded in Budapest on 11 November 1989, is a regional intergovernmental forum committed to supporting European integration through cooperation between and among its Member States and with the European Union (EU), other interested public institutions or private and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as well as international and regional organisations. In order to offer a solid contribution to European integration, the CEI combines multilateral diplomacy and project management, both as donor and recipient. Its institutional and geographical position enables the CEI to act as a bridge between European macro-regions. The CEI membership consists of 10 EU countries and 8 non-EU countries: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Ukraine.


    The new CEI logo should be an elaboration of the current one. It will have to be simple, modern, energetic and innovative. The logo must include both the letters of the “CEI” (or the letters can be placed next to the logo) and the full name of the Organisation. It should represent the following concepts: An Organisation, made up of 18 Member States, fostering regional cooperation for European integration. The logo shall be easily recognisable and, as such, should stand out and be different from other logos. The design should be in colour, but should also be usable in black & white. The specific colours that need to be included in the design are white, blue and yellow. Candidates may also submit a variant with other colours.

    Deadline. August 21, 2017. Award: 1,000 EUR


  • ENGIE France Networks – Innovative convergence solutions for urban energy networks


    Purpose of the call for projects:

    ENGIE France Networks is seeking technical and technological solutions that allow us to create operational, commercial and economic synergies from energy network convergence (heating, cooling, electricity, gas, water, sanitation, etc.) at the district and urban scales.

    Recovering and reusing end-energy, energy storage and exploiting the potential fornetwork flexibility are three areas in which there are opportunities to integrate even more renewable and recovered energy sources by promoting economies of scale and shared infrastructure for networks located in the same geographical area.

    Deadline for submitting applications: September 11th, 2017

  • Lyfebulb-Novo Nordisk Innovation Summit 2017


    At this Summit, 10 selected Patient Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to engage with Lyfebulb founders, Novo Nordisk Device R&D leadership, researchers and engineers, as well as venture capitalists.


    Lyfebulb and Novo Nordisk share a common ambition to stimulate high-impact innovation and to help patient entrepreneurs who have founded start-ups be successful. The Lyfebulb–Novo Nordisk Innovation Summit was built on the idea of the Lyfebulb Entrepreneur Circle, which was established in 2015, and features people who either have diabetes or have a close relative or loved one with the disease. They have created a product and/or a company based on issues encountered because of their personal experiences with diabetes. The first Lyfebulb-Novo Nordisk Innovation Summit took place in December of 2016, and the winner of the Award was Brianna Wolin.

    The Innovation Summit will bring together Patient Entrepreneurs with venture capitalists, Lyfebulb founders, Novo Nordisk Device R&D leadership, researchers and engineers, in order to spotlight entrepreneurs’ efforts and ideas, and provide professional discussion, direction, and inspiration. This year the summit will give focus to innovations that disrupt the future of diabetes management.


    • Innovation Award
    • Keynotes
    • Workshops & Discussions
    • Behind the scenes of Novo Nordisk Device R&D

    You are eligible for the 2017 Lyfebulb-Novo Nordisk Innovation Award if:

    • You work on innovative ideas and concepts for better management of diabetes using consumer or medical devices or healthcare IT (drug only innovations are excluded).
    • You live with diabetes or have a close relative and/or loved one with diabetes.
    • You have the aspiration to develop your project and to deliver the benefit to others suffering from the same burden.
    • You have a registered company for developing and commercializing your idea and concepts that the prize money can be award too.
    • You can document that there is a sound scientific and medical rationale for the idea.
    • You have a strong business case behind the idea.


    Deadline: September 15, 2017



    Cartoonists taking part to the competition are divided into groups: the first made of Italian and non-Italian artists from eighteen to thirty-five years old and the second of Italian and non-Italian artists older than thirty-six years. The jury, made of leading figures from the world of satire and journalism, will select the 30 best cartoons delivered by 28th August 2017. The winner’s nouns will be revealed during the FriuliDOC festival in Udine.


  • Climate-KIC Accelerator: where great ideas grow into great businesses


    What is in it for you?

    Financial support between 15,000 and 25,000 EUR per team

    Expert coaching, pitch training and workshops

    Mentoring and networking


    Access to Climate-KIC partners and network

    Stage 1: Business Model Development

    The first stage of the Accelerator is intended to help early-stage Startups refine and develop their specific USP and business model. Here the first prototype can be finalised and assistance is provided to obtain industry feedback.

    Stage 2: Business Model Validation & First Customers

    The second stage of the Accelerator builds on the first stage and helps move startups with a well-formulated business model to the next phase: validation and customer acquisition. Here again startups have access to grants and services but also funds to cover other materials that are required to help develop the business. Teams can now focus on acquiring their first customers and an iterative process of business model validation whilst receiving continuing support from expert coaches and mentors and participating in programme activities and workshops.

    Stage 3: Onwards to Investment and Scaling

    The third and final stage of the Accelerator aims to prepare fully-fledged startups for a future of investment rounds and scaling.

    Duration: August –November 2017 (4 months), onboarding in July 2017

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